CD101 (cloth diapering 101)

So, this was the OTHER half of our busy busy day last 21 April!

Jenny (Chronicles of a Nursing Mom and MamaBabyLove) and I were chatting one night and she was thinking of putting together a CD101 talk. She said Maricel of Medela House has offered her place before  as venue for talks we’d like to do. Ever efficient woman that she is, she got the venue, the speakers (myself, Clarice and Abie both of Tickled Moms) and a form out in no time!

And these are some pictures I’d like to share from that busy, busy day in April! 🙂

(all my pictures are c/o Jenny who blogs at http://www.chroniclesofanursingmom, so I put her watermark on them!)

This Jenny giving the introduction. She’s in a vintage Next9 sling! Baby E was fast asleep when this was happening.

I gave a short introduction, the advantages of cloth, a teensy anatomy of a disposie (thank you, NatGeo for the video!), and types of cloth diapers.

Here was the video we showed:

Too bad we did not have a mic, so tried as best to do a voice over of what was being said in the video. It showed what went into the disposable diaper.

Clarice of Tickled Moms talked about using CDs and the issues that might be encountered in CD-ing. She wears about-to-be-1 J in her mei tai!

This is her CD-addicted partner in Tickled Moms, Abie. The wealth of CD knowledge of these two ladies astounded me! I had so much to learn from them!

Our rapt audience! Are they listening or are they confused with so much info? Hahaha!

This is the selling table where Tickled Moms and Next9 sold diapers! (Thank you Yaya T of Baby E for helping!)

How can I forgot to mention! Our good friend Jonie (in black) from Mamaway, with Cheng Duran who won our giveaway raffle.

Do check out Mamaway. Here is a map below:

Greenhills Town Square
Granada, Valencia, Quezon City
Store Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 7pm
Contact: 02-5062325

And just in case you missed it, wait for the next! HAHAHA! But if you REALLY can’t, here is a copy of our presentation.

Thanks to all those who came, to Medela House and to the organizers!


Busy Busy Day!

Today, Saturday, the 21st of April 2012 was a busy day.

Our Facebook page has been up for quite some time now, and I had noticed several people posting that they’ve purchased the sling, or received it as a gift, but somehow, haven’t managed to use it. My friend Jenny has long been telling me to fix my video (and yes, that’s part of my list!!).

But since we haven’t, I thought it would be good to have a little Next9 get together for people who might need help with the ring sling! 🙂

So, a few weeks back, I posted on Facebook that I will be at Starbucks in Global City, just hanging around, and anyone who would need help with the sling can just come over! Guess who came by?

Kristell and her baby
Diwata and big baby boy!
Jenny and Yen Yen
BFg mamas Pat and Li Anne
Myla and Anton!
Poppa Paul and baby! (And yes, that’s a Maya Wrap!)
I was so happy to have had the chance to meet all these families (yes, they came with the daddies!) and share with them how to wear their babies!
I honestly wasn’t too sure whether anyone would show up, but there was a good number of people who came by. It was relaxed, I was able to talk to each of them one-on-one, and they were able to wear their babies more confidently!

It was great to have friends there as well! Thanks to Jonie of Mamaway and Jenny of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom and MamaBabyLove who came by to lend their support!!

With Jenny of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom and Baby E!
(check out next post to see what happened in the afternoon!)

The CD Revolution

This post is written for the Real Diaper Week Carnival with the theme “Real Simple. Real Diapers.” We aim to educate and advocate the use of cloth diapers in the Philippines. Please scroll below to read the other carnival posts about cloth diaper styles, how to’s or must haves.

I was a cloth diapered baby. So were my sisters and brother.

That’s why when I had the boys, I didn’t even think twice about cloth diapering them. I had flat folds by Gerber, and which I requested my aunt in the US to buy for me. Turns out that the diapers sold here in the major malls are a poly cotton blend which made them not as quick absorbing as pure cotton ones (yep, my home cotton shirts sopped up the pee of the boys faster than their diapers would! Horrors!)

Here is a picture of K in his flat folds, at around 3 or so months.

I wish I had Snappis but I didn’t. We used those clips that had “teeth” to clasp the diaper properly as opposed to those huge diaper pins.

Later on we developed our own diapers, which we initially called Tushy Wushy! Here are a few prototypes K used:

The outer fabric was not waterproof, so ditch that.
These were the first few ones:

K used the prototypes and we began selling them as well, waaaaay back in 2005 or so. In 2011, we made a strategic decision to use the Next9 brand to carry all our products, thus renaming this to “Next9 Cloth Diapers” and improving them. Today, they’re adjustable (it can be used from birth all the way up to approximately 30 lbs — depending on thighs and belly!), the fleece is better, the inserts made of microfiber.

Check them out!

And really, these diapers aren’t very different from the ones we used to wear when we were kids. In fact, these are simpler than the flat folds! Which led us to our tagline “Comfort of cloth, Performance of disposables!

Very recently, the use of cloth diapers have been increasing by leaps and bounds! And since I don’t have babies in diapers anymore, I was so happy to have received this Christmas gift from my new BFF Jenny over at Chronicles of a Nursing Mom!

There is so much to learn out there! Jenny is running a giveaway for this book. Check it out here.

And because this week is Real Nappy Week, several activities have been lined up! Some stores are on sale to celebrate! Check ours out HERE. And on Saturday, the 21st of April 2012, we have a CD101 (cloth diapering 101) talk! Do come and join us! Check this page to sign up!

So join us as we celebrate Real Nappy Week, Mother Earth will thank you! (And so will your babies’ tussles!)

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Celebs wear their babies too!

Here is a picture of Mommy Maricel Pangilinan with her baby Solana (who has gorgeous gray eyes!!)

Solana was sleeping so soundly! Thanks to Solana’s Ate Ella (hope I’m right!!) for taking this picture!

OC Mom Blogs about Next9 Cloth Diapers

I got this picture from the site of OC Mom in Manila, where she writes about trying out cloth diapers! Do check it out!

How to Strip Wash your Cloth Diapers

I’m on a group in FB called HERE, and I requested group owner to repost her well-written instructions about how to strip cloth diapers.

Stripping is done when the diapers:

  • seem to be “leaking” / less absorbent
  • start stinking
  • if you have bought 2nd hand diapers and are about to use them
Thanks Cheche for this!

What is a strip wash?
A strip wash is a wash meant to clear residue left over in nappies. Using too much detergent or the wrong detergent, fabric softeners, or just improper washing can leave residue on the nappies. Wee and poop can adhere to these invisible residue, affecting absorbency and causing smelly nappies.

When to do a strip wash?
  • If your nappies start leaking or if you notice a decrease in absorbency.
  • If your nappies start to smell.
  • If you just bought and will start using a secondhand nappy.
Step-by-step guide to strip washing
There are 2 options for a strip wash. Try the first one first, if it doesn’t work, do the second one but this is a last resort and is better used for heavily stained nappies.

Option 1: Start on CLEAN NAPPIES. Put in the washing machine and start the water. Put a FEW DROPS of non-moisturizing dishwashing liquid. The same amount you would use in a sink of water is fine. Do a long wash (without detergent!). Rinse, rinse, rinse until there are no more suds. This is best done using warm water.  Detergent suds is different from bubbles from the water being agitated by the machine — you can test this by collecting some of the water that comes out of the machine, wait and see. Bubbles will dissipate quickly, detergent suds will remain on top of the water. Line-dry under the sun. If the nappies still smell or leak, repeat as needed.

Option 2: This is done only for heavily-stained nappies. Start on CLEAN NAPPIES. Put in the washing machine and start the water. Put 1/2 cup of vinegar. Let the machine run for a while so the vinegar can mix in. Add 1/4 cup of bicarbonate soda (baking soda). Run for a while. Let it soak for a few hours, overnight if possible. This is best done using cold water — bicarbonate soda loosens stain particles and heat will set the stain back in! Do a long wash. Rinse then line-dry under the sun.
Remember, you can strip wash shells, inserts, boosters, etc. — everything. I do not find the need to strip regularly and definitely not for nappies that are new (or just a couple of months’ old). You can do an overnight soak for Option 1 but just add the shells right before you start washing as soaking kills elastic.  Same for Option 2.
If you still have stains after a strip wash, make a paste of water and bicarbonate soda, apply it on the stain, leave under the sun but make sure to keep it moist as the heat of the sun will set the stain back in. Wash as normal. Repeat as necessary.

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The "S.T.I.C.K." Rule for Safe Babywearing

Okay, I have to tell the truth. This used to be called “The T.I.C.K.S. Rule for Safe Babywearing”. And I got this online, from the association of babywearers and sling makers of North America. But because TICKS sounded funny, I edited it a bit to make it “STICK”. Hahaha!
So all you beginning babywearers out there, do check this out!

Butt below knees

I am so happy to see more slinging moms and dads (even if they’re on photos only — I hardly see any at the mall!) now, whether or not they use our product. To me, wearing your baby in the right way, with the right carrier, is a wonderful opportunity to bond with them.

I have received so many pictures of parents wearing their babies and am happy to see them. A lot of them do say as well, that they’re not fully hands free. And from the pictures, I realize why.
So I thought it important to share with all of you how to wear your baby correctly, to allow you to be hands free. So, aside from —
  • adjusting the sling to make it snug (this is obvious, I hope!)
  • use the shoulder cap properly to cover entire shoulder (so the sling won’t creep up your neck)
  • baby’s butt should be waist level so your upper body takes the weight
You should also remember this one super duper important tip: BUTT BELOW KNEES. 
Please take a look at the picture below. JC’s butt is below his knees so that (dad) Jouie can be hands free. And believe me, this is works and is not just for pictures only.
Try it! And send me your pictures at info[at]