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CD101 (cloth diapering 101)

So, this was the OTHER half of our busy busy day last 21 April!

Jenny (Chronicles of a Nursing Mom and MamaBabyLove) and I were chatting one night and she was thinking of putting together a CD101 talk. She said Maricel of Medela House has offered her place before  as venue for talks we’d like to do. Ever efficient woman that she is, she got the venue, the speakers (myself, Clarice and Abie both of Tickled Moms) and a form out in no time!

And these are some pictures I’d like to share from that busy, busy day in April! 🙂

(all my pictures are c/o Jenny who blogs at http://www.chroniclesofanursingmom, so I put her watermark on them!)

This Jenny giving the introduction. She’s in a vintage Next9 sling! Baby E was fast asleep when this was happening.

I gave a short introduction, the advantages of cloth, a teensy anatomy of a disposie (thank you, NatGeo for the video!), and types of cloth diapers.

Here was the video we showed:

Too bad we did not have a mic, so tried as best to do a voice over of what was being said in the video. It showed what went into the disposable diaper.

Clarice of Tickled Moms talked about using CDs and the issues that might be encountered in CD-ing. She wears about-to-be-1 J in her mei tai!

This is her CD-addicted partner in Tickled Moms, Abie. The wealth of CD knowledge of these two ladies astounded me! I had so much to learn from them!

Our rapt audience! Are they listening or are they confused with so much info? Hahaha!

This is the selling table where Tickled Moms and Next9 sold diapers! (Thank you Yaya T of Baby E for helping!)

How can I forgot to mention! Our good friend Jonie (in black) from Mamaway, with Cheng Duran who won our giveaway raffle.

Do check out Mamaway. Here is a map below:

Greenhills Town Square
Granada, Valencia, Quezon City
Store Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 7pm
Contact: 02-5062325

And just in case you missed it, wait for the next! HAHAHA! But if you REALLY can’t, here is a copy of our presentation.

Thanks to all those who came, to Medela House and to the organizers!