Next9 Instructional Video

Our initial video was made in 2006!  And it called for an update.  We finally have a new one!  Thanks to all my friends who helped out!!

Next9 instructional video from Next9 on Vimeo.
This is the new Next9 Instructional Video.

Parts of the Next9 Baby Sling
Threading the Sling
Fixing the Tail
Front Carry and Side Carry
Hip Carry and Back Carry
Breastfeeding in the Sling
Tips and Tricks

Thank you to the following people who made this video happen:

the mamas and their babies — Jenny Ong ( and E, Eliza Santiago-Ypon ( and B, Momoko Miyata and S, Cai Sio ( and R (and their hubbies and yayas)

the director/editor — Alia Vargas (

my indispensable asst forever — Melanie Palce

my driver

special mention goes to Denise Sehwani Gonzales-Bernardo (! Thanks for the picture!


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