Busy Busy Day!

Today, Saturday, the 21st of April 2012 was a busy day.

Our Facebook page has been up for quite some time now, and I had noticed several people posting that they’ve purchased the sling, or received it as a gift, but somehow, haven’t managed to use it. My friend Jenny has long been telling me to fix my video (and yes, that’s part of my list!!).

But since we haven’t, I thought it would be good to have a little Next9 get together for people who might need help with the ring sling! 🙂

So, a few weeks back, I posted on Facebook that I will be at Starbucks in Global City, just hanging around, and anyone who would need help with the sling can just come over! Guess who came by?

Kristell and her baby
Diwata and big baby boy!
Jenny and Yen Yen
BFg mamas Pat and Li Anne
Myla and Anton!
Poppa Paul and baby! (And yes, that’s a Maya Wrap!)
I was so happy to have had the chance to meet all these families (yes, they came with the daddies!) and share with them how to wear their babies!
I honestly wasn’t too sure whether anyone would show up, but there was a good number of people who came by. It was relaxed, I was able to talk to each of them one-on-one, and they were able to wear their babies more confidently!

It was great to have friends there as well! Thanks to Jonie of Mamaway and Jenny of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom and MamaBabyLove who came by to lend their support!!

With Jenny of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom and Baby E!
(check out next post to see what happened in the afternoon!)

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