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Next9 Baby Slings

I loved wearing my baby in a sling! Kevin was a few days old when my friend Mia came to visit and helped me wear him. From then, there was no looking back. This was further enforced when I met my friend Ella at an LLL meeting so many years ago.

Kevin loved being worn, and I loved wearing him. I wore him everywhere, even in the house, while I was working (I am a consultant by day, and everything else after work). It allowed me to put him to sleep, nurse and work all at the same time!!
And once, by complete accident, Stan took this wonderful picture of us under the pinlight in our room. It was originally colored, but transforming it to black and white dramatically changed it! And guess what? They used this picture as the last frame in this video: Tummy2Tummy!! How cool is that? It *is* an international video!
I started this blog not only for Next9 but to share the benefits, the updated studies and experiences I’ve had about the products we make. If anyone wants to share their stories, please do! Send them to me HERE.

Hello world!

Guess who’s trying to be ambitious and have a Next9 blog???